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-Rustin Petrae

Chapter One

Rone stood on the massive terrace to his apartment overlooking the Kingdom of Roanoke. He sighed miserably and placed his head in his hands. In little more than an hour there was going to be yet another function at the Citadel featuring more tedious fools from the Upper Tier. He groaned loudly at the prospect of another boring, drawn out function where the only interesting thing happening was watching (and laughing) as the idiots tried to dance. His mind’s eye showed him the endless train of people parading in front of his father’s throne. It literally took four or more hours for the whole process to finish, and that was just the parade. It didn’t include the conference, the dinner, or the party that concluded the whole thing.

He went back inside his suite and glanced at the holographic vid-screen covering the entire right wall of the living room.

Come on down to Blue City for all the latest, and greatest, blueprints!” a man with outrageously blue hair shouted from the screen. His eyes popped out of his head and he had a big, overly-cheery smile plastered to his face.

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