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“Damn,” Kristy said slumping against the tan bricks. “I suppose you’re right. But wait, who’s to say that you were more articulate than me. I think it could very well be a matter of opinion.”

“True, but I’m pretty sure you are just trying to win this round.”

“Well, then let’s ask somebody? It’s not like we’re the only people on the planet. Hey, Darin!” Kristy yelled out at another senior passing their way. “We need a little of your somethin’ somethin’.”

Darin was very typical of your rap/hip-hop boys. He liked the music, he loved the representation of sex it provided and he loved to piss his parents off with the use of what they called “Ghetto Language.” But he was smart, sure to score high on his SAT’s.

“My somethin’ somethin’. I’m down with that, always up for a sweet little thing like you to get all up in here.” he said following Jennifer’s slender frame.

“Actually,” Jennifer said rolling her eyes. “We need some help with test preparation.”

“Oh, I’m cool. What you be needin’ that you pull me away from my chillin’?”

He sat like a frog on the low wall surrounding a flower bed and propped his elbows up on his knees. Listening intently he bobbed his head as each vocabulary word registered in his head.

“Tough call,” he said. “I hearin’ ya. Seems you fine ladies have it goin’ on, but I’m taking Jenny’s side on this one, she’s up and all over that.”

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