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A Personal Account of Cataract Surgery

A Personal Account of Cataract Surgery

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An Article in Steve’s Health before Wealth! Series

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I’m a veteran of two cataract surgeries, one in each eye. And what’s more they were done by different methods. One was under General Anesthetic (GA) and the other was done under Local Anesthetic (LA). I have some messages for you that maybe you can try and squirrel out of a 250 page book on Cataracts but probably they won’t give you the inside story and tips. Actually if I may say so this article should be read by anyone facing cataract surgery because it will help you a lot and, dare I say it, there is a remote chance it may even save your life.

You know my natural propensity is to infuse everything I say and do with humor. You just have to look at my other titles to see that. I had considered a fun title for this article but then I changed my mind. It’s just too serious a topic to be flippant about. The possibility of going blind truly has to be the most terrible thing that can happen to a human being. Basically the whole world is literally shutting down before your very eyes. And that’s what happens to probably all of us as we age, cataracts start forming over our lenses and vision becomes progressively impaired. Look, I haven’t consulted any textbooks on this, and I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of lenses, corneas, retinas and eyeballs in general. No, this is tripping straight out of my head.

Now you see dear reader most of us are totally petrified of having cataract surgery. I know this because I was totally petrified. I ducked, dived, twisted and turned using every means possible to delay that terrible day on the operating table. The longer I left it the more terrible the prospect became. I imagined a surgeon with needles and knives hacking at my eyes just like they hacked the hearts out of victims at the Aztec sacrificial altars. Imagine that, a man plunging his knives and needles into your eyes and destroying your lenses and trying to put in new ones? Are you mad or what? Are you totally mad! I don’t want to do it! Not now, not ever!

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