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Fervent unending gratitude goes to my beta readers, especially to Maria Muscarella and Becky Johnston, and to my editor Jim Mcfarlin—whatever mistakes remain are due to my pigheadedness in overruling their advice.


Introduction: Can You Identify the Math Myths?

Chapter 1: The “Aha!” Factor

The Problem with School Math ~ Playing with Numbers ~ Math the Mathematician’s Way ~ How Can I Teach Math If I Don’t Understand It?

Chapter 2: Cultivating the “Aha!” Factor

Math That Is Social ~ Math That Is Beautiful ~ Math That Is Fun

Chapter 3: Hands-On Math

What Makes a Manipulative? ~ Homespun Math Manipulatives ~ Number Line ~ Hundred Chart ~ More Hands-On Fun

Chapter 4: How to Solve a Problem

Story Problem Challenge ~ The Trouble with Word Problems ~ Ask Yourself These Questions ~ Your Child’s Most Important Math Manipulative

Chapter 5: Hooray for (Math) History

The Key to Understanding ~ A “Living Books” Approach ~ The Trouble with History

Chapter 6: 4,000 Years of Stumpers

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