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Gordon: A tale of heartbreak and adventure

Smiley Blackmore

Copyright 2013 Smiley Blackmore

Smashwords edition

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You lied to me Timmy. You never loved me. It was all a game to you wasn't it? I still remember the promises you made. I took them seriously, but I'm afraid that you didn't. You've taken care of me, barely, I'll grant you that much, but what about the rest Timmy? What about the rest?

No, everything has to be about you, all of the time. You're always off with those mates of yours. But what about me? I'm here all alone, in the kitchen, waiting for you to come home. You know I don't approve of them. I never have. That doesn't stop you though, does it? No.

Where have you been when I needed you? Not here, that's where. I'm still waiting Timmy, you bastard. I'm still waiting. No sooner was I yours than you forgot all about me. You never loved me Timmy. You never will.

I've seen it for a long time now. I'm nothing to you. You'd rather be with her than me. Don't tell me you don't know! I've seen you two together. You were fondling her Timmy! When was the last time you ever treated me like that? I guess I'm just worthless to you. It was all over for us when you met her, wasn't it Timmy? You bastard! People just prefer to cuddle cats I suppose. After all, no one ever wants to hug a goldfish do they? Such is my lot in life.

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