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Marvellous Motorboats

By Mikey Simpson

Smashword Edition

Copyright 2012 Michael Simpson

Motorboats are really great for traveling across water. They bounce about on rivers, lakes or seas and can splash lots of water.

Motorboats can come in many sizes, large, medium or tiny like an outboard.

A motorboat must have a captain, navigator or a driver to open up the throttle and let the power out through its propeller. The rivers and lakes can have lots of hazards a captain needs to know.

Sandbanks, marina markings and avoiding larger vessels. A captain uses flags and sometimes a big horn, so boats know that he's around and where he’s going to go.

The vessels wheel steers the boat port (left) or starboard (right), while the radar keep other traffic in bad weather well in sight on the bow (front) and stern (rear).

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