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By Matthew Fish

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Matthew Fish

All Rights Reserved


“Are you alright?” I ask as I cautiously enter the room of the old farmhouse. The floor creaks beneath each slow step I take. I see her there—the sun glowing against her shoulder length bleached blonde hair and her hazel eyes are illuminated like glowing gems. She is sitting motionless. Her eyes are fixed to the view of the window. She does not reply. She does not even acknowledge my presence.

There is a gun in her hand. The faint smell of smoke hangs in the air. Spent bullet casings line the hardwood floor around her. As I slowly enter the room, I spot a trail of blood that leads to a large, heavy set man. He is shirtless, wearing a pair of overalls. A large red axe with a wooden handle rests against the floor beside him. What remains of his head is a sight that I will never forget as very little of it is there, save for a mess of blood and scattered brain matter.

As I stand there, I reflect for a moment on how I got here. I do not know if I am still alive by luck, or because I have some purpose in the future…although, I highly doubt the latter. My name is Ethan Chase, and there is nothing remarkable about me. I do not have all the answers about what has happened. I will probably leave you with more questions than answers…. Regardless, this is the story of what I know I am—a survivor.

Part I: Enlightenment

1. Regarding V-Day

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