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Jesus Christ in Latter Day Hackensack

Richard Crasta

Copyright Page

Copyright © Richard Crasta, 2013

All rights reserved by the author. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without written permission of the publisher/author. Benny Profane is a pen name used by Richard Crasta, author of 15 books.

Cover Image: “Saint Joseph and the Christ Child,” uploaded by the Brooklyn Museum to Wikimedia Commons, without copyright restrictions.

Author’s Website:

Disclaimer: This is a book of humor, fiction, and fantasy, with the license to break all normal rules, including the author’s own. No plumbers or angels were harmed during the writing of this story, and any unintentional slight towards carpenters is deeply regretted.

Blurb: In this short book of good-natured and absurdist humor and social satire, Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Mahatma Gandhi take a time travel trip to 21st Century America and do not receive the appreciation they deserve.

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