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-1Death By Coffee

Jaine Stevens brushed the back of her hand over the newly erased page. She sighed deeply and laid her head on the paper. This was so much harder than she thought it would be. She had been “writing” for three days now, and, although she had filled sheets of paper, nothing seemed to be right. She lifted her head and began reading the first few lines again.

She had to give the speech tomorrow, but she just wasn’t ready. She picked up the pencil to erase a few more words when her coffee mug seemed to jump out in front of her hand. The now cold black liquid spread like a brush fire across her speech.

Oh!” She jumped out of her seat. “Oh no!”

She dabbed uselessly at the ruined pages. She could feel her eyes welling up with tears and one by one they began falling down her face. Soon she was sitting on the ground with her knees cradled in her arms, crying outright.

I can’t do it, I just can’t,” she sobbed.

I can do anything through Christ, which strengthens me.”

The verse came out of nowhere, startling Jaine. “Wh…?” Her eyes came to rest on a picture that had gotten knocked over on the desk. She knew the photo well, she didn’t need to look at it to see it.

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