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Steven D. Bennett

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by Steven D. Bennett

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The psychiatrist sensed he was being observed but determined to ignore the idea. His next appointment wasn’t for an hour, his secretary hadn’t warned him of unscheduled visitors and he was alone in the office. He had never suffered from Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at, or any other recognized fears (though Medomalacuphobia did pop up now and again). Still, that strange, extra-sensory phenomenon of being watched (which, as far as he knew was unnamed and so had dubbed it ‘Stare-a-noia’) was overwhelming enough to give him cause to look up from his paperwork and squint in the direction of the door. It was open a small sliver and there was an eyeball floating up and down in the space.

Can I help you?” he asked the bouncing eye, and the door opened wider. A man with frazzled brown hair, brown t-shirt and stained jeans took a few tentative steps inside. The psychiatrist slid his hand closer to the phone as he had Security on speed dial.

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