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Lovestruck Succubus

A Novel by

Ellison James

Copyright © 2010-2012 Ellison James

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter One

After thirty-nine hours, her love finally killed him. He had been a strong man, and her relationship with him was the longest lasting as far back as she could remember—at least the last sixteen hundred years. Now, Mark lay cold, lifeless, and naked on the floor. Azra knelt beside him, brushing the hair from his face. Tears ran down her cheeks in a steady stream and fell into Mark’s eyes as he stared, unflinchingly at some distant place. Azra cried out and pounded the floor as her remorse quickly gave way to self-hatred. Why was she such a slave to her needs? Why was she forced to exist in shadows and dreams when she could not, herself, dream? Why could she not experience life and love with any mortal man without losing him to her selfish need, her desire, her very sustenance?

Tarmin, the clan leader, materialized in the bedroom and hovered over Azra, staring down at her as she wept, his eyes glowing green. Even in the dim light of a single bedside lamp, his skin appeared brownish-red, rough looking, and thick. His skin contrasted sharply against his long black hooded robe. He had to stoop as the bony ridges of his curled horns stretched the fabric of his hood, just inches from the eight-foot ceiling. He was in his natural form. His natural form was the only way Azra had ever seen him. She was in her mortal form, the form her body took whenever she had cross into the mortal world. She had no control over the form her body took on. Only Tarmin had the ability to breach the mortal world in his natural form, or change form at will. No doubt, he had come to remove her from Mark's apartment and take her back to the clan world. She had no choice but to obey as he surely had the ability to remove her with or without her consent. She suspected he had powers even she would find inconceivable. He stood over her with absolutely no outward concern for the human body lying beside her. Mark held no consequence for him and he clearly did not understand, or simply did not care about what Mark had meant to her.

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