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Thank you for respecting
the hard work of this author.


on the cover of the book,
Between the Lines,
is Trademark and Copyrighted material
owned by
Wolverine World Wide Inc.

The author would like to thank
Wolverine for licensing and granting him permission
to use and reproduce the Trademark
and Copyright material
as part of the book cover.


The actual letters
are presented
just the way they were written.
No editing was done to them.


Although all the characters are real,
the author has chosen
to change the names
of some who
are mentioned in his book,
except for those who
sacrificed their life’s
fighting in Vietnam.
Their names will never be
changed, nor forgotten.


“Once you know, you can never not know.”

“We have no concrete idea who created the waters, but we are quite certain that the fish did not.”

— Doctor Ouellette —


“Glance into the world just as though time was gone, and everything crooked will become straight to you.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche —


I wrote these letters between October 18, 1968, and October 1, 1969. I was an eighteen year old Marine serving in Vietnam as a rifleman.

I did not see these letters after I had sent them to my family for more than sixteen years. When I did see them again, it was my father who handed me a Hush Puppy shoebox which he had used to store my letters. This was in 1985.

When I began to read the letters, although I thought I wanted to look into my past, the letters upset me enough that I could not finish reading them. I put them back in the shoebox and left them untouched for another eleven years.

In 1996, I took them out of hiding with the intentions of writing a book based on the fact that what I had stated in the letters, and what had actually happened, were two different things. So I began to write a book that I thought would reveal things people needed to know, sort of like the Between the Line stuff, so that they might have a clearer picture of my make-up.

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