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The Dragon Kingdom

The Flight Of The Dragon

The Dragon King

Barney Braveheart
A Hungry Dragon

This is the story of Barney and how he became known as the ‘Braveheart’.

It is a story about keeping calm and stopping dragons from using their fire breathing, and why you should go to bed early.

It was a bright summers evening in July and Barney sat underneath a clear sky dotted with stars. When Joey the dog and Rusty the pony began singing whilst playing guitars.

De, da, do, don’t be afraid of the dark, la, la, la.’

When there came a loud screech and a flap of wings from the nearby hilltop.

Down swooped a silvery fire breathing dragon and stood next to their campfire, eyes glowing red in the night sky.

It’s a lovely evening for playing a tune,’ he said.

Barney and the others looked at one another. They did not want to be eaten. They had to keep their nerve.

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