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danger in the land of safety

a novel by Christopher Johnson

copyright Christopher J. Johnson 2013 all rights reserved

This is a work of fiction, based on actual events and real experiences. Please enjoy and encourage others to support authors by purchasing their work.

To: my Mom and Dad, for their unconditional love and support


It seems like a dream.

I'm outside in our small neighborhood park in the dead of winter. Am I really alive? I see the fog of my breath, and I know it is bitterly cold, but I don't feel cold. The wind is calm, and a bird is chirping in the clear acoustic air, but I can't hear its song. The small grey trees and the concrete slabs appear to be the same as always, and many things seem to be in their usual place. But the lamplight is not working, and I sense that something is terribly wrong.

Unsure of my own feet in the darkness, I stand in a stiff position, staring at the white surface and black, arrow-like hands of a clock above the park. It seems frozen in the air. Suddenly, I realize that the world around us has become covered in a blanket of black. There are now only my eyes and the clock in this world. The hands of the clock are not moving. The time on the clock is 5:46.

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