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Arthur thinks Zack is finally out of his life, but to the contrary, Zack takes over the segregated area builds an army and is Arthur’s tormentor for years to come. Arthur, placid by nature is compelled to take vengeance on Zack after Zack attacks the most precious people in his life, his parents and his beloved girlfriend. He has to break in to the segregated area where Zack resides knowing he stands alone against Zack and his army of deranged teenagers.

Chapter One: Trying for a baby.

Yes! Yes! Its positive. Come here Jimmy quickly.

Whats the matter darling?

Quick look its positive.

Whats positive? Ah the thing, the test for the pregnancy, is it? Yes! Im over the moon, but isn’t it about time we’ve been trying for years. Come here give us a hug, ah I love you. Were finally going to be parents, wow! Can you believe it?

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