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A ball of transparent purple gas appears in our atmosphere. Majority of babies born around this time have been affected, they are behaving exceptionally irrational. It’s soon discovered that their brains are not developing properly. Arthur was born around this time, he seemed to be unaffected. The world governments know there is an epidemic when these children reach school age and are forced to impose restrictions on class sizes for the safety of the teachers and pupils. As a result Arthur lands in a class where most of the other children are affected and acting wild. A boy in Arthur’s class named Zack is a stocky build and a bully. On a daily basis he is up to evil mischief, beating and intimidating the other pupils. One day he leads a group to attack and kill the teacher. Arthur played no part but was tarred with the same brush. They become the youngest offenders ever to be imprisoned. Arthur goes through hell during his incarceration at the hands of Zack. After their release from prison, the world by now full of children and teenagers acting like animals is not a safe place. The world leaders decide to segregate massive portions of each country with thirty foot walls to isolate the really nasty teenagers as the prisons bulge with the ever increasing population of these kids.

Arthur thinks Zack is finally out of his life, but to the contrary, Zack takes over the segregated area builds an army and is Arthur’s tormentor for years to come. Arthur, placid by nature is compelled to take vengeance on Zack after Zack attacks the most precious people in his life, his parents and his beloved girlfriend. He has to break in to the segregated area where Zack resides knowing he stands alone against Zack and his army of deranged teenagers.

Chapter One: Trying for a baby.

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