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The True Magic

God, Mind, Consciousness and You

Copyright 2012 Ian McCoy

Smashwords Edition


The ultimate work of civilization is the unfolding of ever-deeper spiritual understanding.

Arnold Toynbee

Most of reality is invisible. In a very real sense what we cannot see is much more important than what we can see. This is True Magic.

Our brains have evolved to keep out all but a minute aspect of reality – the visible. The sciences of quantum mechanics (the study of the very small) and cosmology (the study of the very large) tells us that everything in the universe is in motion – from electrons swirling around the nuclei of atoms to the earth hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour. Of course we as conscious beings cannot “see” or feel the motion of matter. Nothing is at rest and nothing is solid – indeed atoms which make up “everything” we “see” are largely empty space, not dominated by “pieces” of anything.

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