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Parenting A Parent

The Sequel to Accepting the Unacceptable Alone

Copyright © 2013 JoAnn Flanery

Smashwords Edition

Cover photo: Prickly Pear Cactus in Arizona

To my family and friends who reached for my hand

and touched my heart


Welcome back, at least I hope you are back and have read my first book, Accepting the Unacceptable Alone. Just in case I will give you a quick rundown on what you have missed.

My husband died of a massive heart attack on October 19, 1982. Not only did I have to adjust to the unacceptable fact that he was gone but now I was left alone to raise our handicapped daughter Christine, who had no idea what death meant, all she wanted was to have her daddy come home. It was a very hard time for us both.

There is a blend of tears and laughter in the many subjects covered in the twenty-one chapters as I tried to deal with the challenges single women face when leaning to “do it all” on my own. After about a year of tears I suddenly decided I had better start living again and got a couple jobs then opened my own country store. I found out that traveling alone was not so hard after all, and neither was buying my first car. We had to move across country, away from supportive family and friends to get the special services needed for Chris, which was truly life changing. Motherhood is challenging whether you are alone or not and I learned how important it is to get a break once in a while and to have human contact. Sleeping alone took some getting used to as did having to handle all the daily have to do’s on my own. I tried to spice up my life by branching out and doing different things, my biggest was getting my first computer. Getting old is a hard thing to face whether you are alone or otherwise but it did bring up some funny moments. When you are alone memories of special days and holidays past can fill your heart with joy but make you sad at the same time-the triggers to those memories are discussed. Few of us go through life without some unexplainable strange things happening to them, I was one of the “lucky” ones to have a night time ghostly figure appear in my bedroom. Friendships are so important in our lives, I truly cherish those wonderful people who I share my life with. We thought about moving again and but soon realized everything we wanted was right here. Then there are the bigger curves life throws at all of us once in a while, with just five little words my whole world turned upside down, “JoAnn you have breast cancer.”

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