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What Others Are Saying About Voyagers I…

The X Files is nothing compared to this book. It fell into my lap at the perfect moment, when I was discovering a subconscious part of me that had experienced alien abductions since a young child. Up until the year 2000 I had denied such things were possible.

Now my life, especially my nights, were filled with a penetrating fear, not knowing if tonight would involve another unwelcome visit.

This book brought back the light into these night terrors, where I now understand the mystery and know how to deal with frequency fences (illusions of reality) that are projected into my mind.

If you believe/know you are part of this mysterious adventure, this is the survival book to claim back your power and face your fears!”

  • A transfixed reader


The Sleeping Abductees

Volume I
of the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate Translations

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