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Underground is a book based on a book written about a creature half man half monster that lives in the London Underground.
The book was a big hit, a massive best seller and inevitably Hollywood wants to turn it into a film. So, a studio executive under huge pressure to make money in an age when movies are made by spotty kids with camcorders and breaking box office records, goes to London himself with he’s assistant Sue and Frank, an intern just out of college, to meet the writer and buy the rights for a film.
The author of the book, UNDERGROUND is in a psychiatric hospital suffering from a nervous breakdown unable to cope with his new success.
With the pressure to get the film done in record time and under the lowest budget possible, the pressure piles on and a chaotic scenario develops. The already vulnerable book author plays the monster. In a suit with huge sharp claws he has a nervous breakdown, taking on the monster persona he chases everyone down the corridors and tunnels . But there is a twist...


MGM in trouble

Now that the woes of MGM have forced producers to put the next James Bond movie on hold, what the studio really needs is assistance from the secret agent's former nemesis Goldfinger.

For only a man with the Midas touch could make the troubled film-maker's $4bn debt mountain disappear.

As well as the Bond films, MGM is also home to the Pink Panther series. But with the firm on the lookout for a buyer, the lion's roar featured at the start of its films since 1924 could soon be reduced to a purr, or even possibly silenced.

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