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A cruel school episode 3

The end of the day came quickly. As soon as I got home I flashed up to my room and switched on my computer. Then I started typing.

My name is Jessie. I am bullied at school. Not by the children, by the teacher. I spend all play time’s in the toilets crying. My mum and dad don’t believe me, but one day they will. Here is a picture of my teacher:

Ok, I admit. I drew that. But she does look like that! It’s exactly like her! Anyway, she bullies me a lot… Not like your teacher, I bet. Does your teacher make you feel like staying in the toilets every break, crying? Does your teacher criticise your every move? No. I know she doesn’t. Only my teacher does. My teacher is evil.

You may say that your teacher is evil. And I respect that. But my teacher is EVIL. She used to teach in a prison. Now you know she’s evil. And she is. She only let’s ME have a tiny potato and a tiny carrot for dinner. But Alicia Grim Water gets a whole pie, gravy, mash, 20 carrots, 20 potatoes, 7 dishes of ice cream and 70 galaxy chocolate bars! So unfair.

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