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“Mine? But Daddy, how can I be bossy and be better than anyone else?” I asked, knowing that I was only five years old, and didn't think that I could control anything.

“Love, you have nothing to worry about. The pack will not be passed down to you until you are sixteen. We will make sure that you are ready for anything that this pack will throw at you. Will you do something for me baby girl?” My mother said picking me up in her arms.

“Yes mommy?”

“Your little brother will be upset that he won't be able to be Alpha. I need you to be there for him, even if he hates you for taking the Alpha title.”

“Okay mommy I promise.”

“Thank you Sera,” she said throwing me up into the air and catching me in a hug.

I peeked through my mother's hair. Her thick black curls were tightly locked together and I pried my hands through it, trying to look at my father. He smiled at me and I giggled back. I looked past him, and saw people running toward us. Each of the men had snarls drawn on their faces.

“Daddy look out!” I screamed.

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