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Chapter One

Charlie could do pain. Good pain. Bad pain. Something that was a little in between. He’d experienced a wide array of aches through the years as he submitted to different men. While there were good Doms in the world, there were just as many that sucked ass. In a bad way.

So standing outside of Irons, the local tattoo shop, shouldn’t have freaked him the fuck out. The. Fuck. Out.

He was gonna walk in there and lay down cash, paying someone to hurt him. He’d never paid for pain. Not at his worst after Kevin, his last Master, had released him. He’d been so scattered he could barely think straight.

With one last deep breath, Charlie pulled open the front door, wincing at the grating beep that announced a new customer.

A deep voice like liquid sin called from the back. “Be with ya in a sec.”

The part of Charlie that’d been buried for several months perked up at that sound, the deep tenor with a hint of roughness. That voice… Damn. It sounded so familiar, the ghost of a memory flitting across his mind, but he couldn’t quite grab it with both hands. His cock seemed to recall the owner, though. It was ready to play happy, squishy, dirty, yummy games.

He shoved the sensation back down with a thump to his hardening cock. He wasn’t falling into something this soon. For all he knew, the guy was totally het. He shuddered. A…breeder.

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