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Lillian, the woman who'd invited him to her circle's Beltaine celebration, lay her head against his shoulder. "Aren't they beautiful?"

He felt a sudden surge of guilt at ogling naked dancing girls with the girl he'd been dating for the last few weeks sitting right next to him, but she didn't seem to mind, watching right along with him. "Yeah, it's... uh... impressive."

"I wish I had the confidence to be up there with them." She slipped her hand into his.

Walter glanced over at her. Whatever insecurities kept her from dancing naked around the fire, if they were physical they were unjustified. Lillian was very pretty in a nature-loving granola-chick kind of way. It was her long cascading blond hair that had originally caught his attention, currently tied into a single thick braid, and when it was loose it dangled down to the cleft of her ass. That ass was the second thing he'd noticed, perfectly round, firmly pert, filling out her jeans without a hint of sag. Her bosom was heavy and full within her sports bra, perfect mounds that filled his hands when he held them.

The drums were joined by a didgeridoo as they reached a spine-shuddering crescendo, the girls throwing their arms up and arching their backs as they reached what looked like an orgasmic climax to their dance. He joined the others in applause, secretly just disappointed that the naked dancing had ended, and linked arms with his girlfriend as they walked away through the campsite.

"Thanks again for coming out here with me," Lillian said. "I was worried it might be... you know, too soon."

"Nah," Walter said. "I like camping."

The pagan circle's festivities had had Walter and Lillian driving into the Sierra Madres northeast of Los Angeles, well beyond the familiar urban sprawl. The state park was beautiful, full of a nature that he'd almost forgotten about, hearkening back to his boyhood as a boyscout. He'd still had his old gear -- frame backpack, tent, sleeping-bag -- and it was all still in pretty good shape. The campsite itself was set well away from the road, and from the ever-present smell of pot in the air the pagans were taking advantage of it.

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