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Praise for

Cynthia Owens’

first book in the Claddagh Series

In Sunshine or In Shadow

If you adore the stormy heroes of "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" (and who doesn't?) you'll be entranced by Cynthia Owens' passionate story of Ireland after the Great Famine, and David Burke - a man from America with a hidden past and a secret name. Only one woman, the fiery, luscious Siobhan, can unlock the bonds that imprison him. Highly recommended for those who love classic romance and an action-packed story.

~Maggie Davis, AKA Katherine Deauxville


Siobhan Desmond is a simple woman with simple hopes and dreams for her future. Born in Ireland she spends her days eking out a living as best she can and mourning the loss of her husband and her brother. What she wishes for the most is peace, for herself and those around her.

Rory O’Brien is also in search of peace. Returning to the village of his birth, he plans to right the past wrongs and forget the past. He hides his identity under an assumed name hoping that no one will recognize the boy he was in the man he has become.

Neither Rory nor Siobhan are searching for love, but a chance meeting brings them together. Old ghosts rise to haunt them both and secrets revealed will stress the bonds of their love. Will Rory and Siobhan be able to lay the past to rest and move on? Or will the shadows rise and claim them both?

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