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The Noble Petty

By Craig Gerttula

Part One

Book Two of the Alutia Rising Series

This is a work of fiction.

Copyright © 2013 Craig Gerttula. All rights reserved.

Cover Image - Copyright © 2013 Sky Hoshi Publishing. All rights reserved.

Published by Sky Hoshi Publishing

Smashwords Edition January 2014

ISBN-10: 1941187005

ISBN-13: 9781941187005

Publisher Contact Information:

To my dog, Hoshi.

Thank you my friend.


A flock of fumi birds soared through the floating amphitheater, humming in tune with the dance orchestra performing the Death of Yu. It was an odd ballad, one with a gentle melody and dance telling of a time of great loss, but also great hope. Of a new beginning made possibly only by the death of the living god of Origin known as Yu.

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