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Copyright 2010 Keith Hoare



I stood at the airport barrier and watched; after a final wave she was gone. Was she out of my life forever? Would she really return? How could I expect a girl twenty years younger, with the world at her feet, to keep her promise? I'd nothing to offer that she couldn't buy a hundred times over, except my love. Yes, I can hear you say, love conquers all; however, love sometimes has a nasty habit of turning against you. I slipped a signet ring from my finger and read the inscription. It had been something I'd done so many times before. 'In case you forget. Kelly'. Poignant words, but I didn't need a ring to remind me. Kelly would always be in my thoughts. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I turned away from the deserted barrier and made my way slowly towards the airport exit. I don't remember the long drive home. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a banging on the car window.

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