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I read in a book somewhere, that if you dwell on something long enough, you'll make it happen. Well I'm here to tell you—it's true. All day I'd tried to brush away the feeling something was watching me, which of course, just made me think about it more.

So when I snuck into the Laurel Grove Cemetery a little after midnight I'd moved beyond paranoid to jumping at every sound or imagined footfall. After twenty minutes or so I started relaxing a little, thinking maybe it was just all in my head.

Ten seconds later I found myself trying to breathe as an Angel strangled the 'effing shit out of me.

She didn't look like any Angel found in a book or a movie or on TV. She wasn't all gracious and golden and glowing love and light either. Gabriel was tall, lithe, and scary as hell. She reminded me of Switch from The Matrix, wearing white boots, white vinyl pants, white crop top and a long, white leather trench coat. The entire scary picture was topped off by a head full of spiky white hair. She had me off the ground. My feet dangled beneath me and the ice cold from the marble mausoleum wall bled through my denim jacket. I had my best death-grip on her wrists and tried with much enthusiasm, but little success, to pull her off of me.

She didn't start her attack with the strangle dance. In fact she surprised me with a right cross as she materialized out of the tombstone I was examining. I saw stars, kicked at her as she dove at me again and tried to run. That's when something very solid and very painful nailed the back of my legs. I literally flipped in the air as I ran and landed on my ass. That's when she grabbed my neck, dragged me to this mausoleum and pushed me up the side of it and started yelling.

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