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Bull rider Nick Jackson has spent his entire life not knowing who he really is. Abandoned as a toddler and raised in foster homes, Nick is afraid to put down roots, to make commitments, to love, because life has a way of ripping those things away from you when you least expect it.

Psychologist Jean Sutherland wants to help Nick discover his true identity and find his family, but not as a professional. Her interest in Nick is purely personal. She finds it difficult not to cross the line between her personal and professional lives, and nearly ruins them both in the process.

Sometimes its better to just leave the past alone…

"Next time? Next time? Is he crazy?" Jean paced back and forth across the patio while Nancy watched her, letting her rant until she ran out of steam.

She shouldn't have walked out on Nick like that, but she'd been so…aggravated. She'd wanted him to promise not to ever risk his life like that again, and all he could say was he'd try to dodge the knife the next time.

"It's a man thing, Jean. In his own way, Nick is telling you he cares about you." Nancy tried to smother a smile, but Jean saw it.

"You think I'm overreacting."

Nancy nodded. "Yeah, maybe a bit."

"You're right. I am." Jean dropped onto the chair next to Nancy. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never felt so scattered. It's like every time I think I have my feet under me, something knocks me sideways."

"It's called love, goofball. It does that to you." Nancy laughed and gave Jean a hug. "Welcome to the club."


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