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“Two for t’ price o’ one!” He said.

“Yes.” She said.

Great minds think alike.

She put these latest offerings down next to the two bottles of red wine and four packets of mince pies that were already nestling between the kettle and her toaster. All three of her guests then had stopped at the same Tesco’s, bought the same brand of cheap red wine – the one that was on special offer - and then grabbed two packets of mince pies on the way out as an afterthought - unquestionable proof of the effectiveness of point of sale advertising.

She took Lawrence’s coat and ushered him in with the others where he kissed Connie as clumsily as he had Megan and then shook Jeffrey’s hand, almost breaking it in the process.

Where was Tom? He’d promised to get home early - to help. She looked at her phone – no message, no text. Typical bloody man! She almost called him but managed to stop herself in time. Come on, girl. Play it cool.

“Right! Drinks! What does everyone want to drink?”

“What have you got?” Lawrence asked in that no-nonsense North Country manner of his.

“Red wine?” She suggested.

There was a deadly silence. Oh come on! They’d all brought cheap red wine and now none of them wanted to drink it. She had a moment of panic. She had nothing else in. She’d assumed that as she was doing the food and letting them use her flat they’d at least have the good manners to provide some decent booze.

“What else you got, then?”

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