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The Moon is Cheese:

Correspondence of a science abuser

Smiley Blackmore

Copyright 2013 Smiley Blackmore

Smashwords edition

License Notes

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(Any resemblance in this work to actual persons is coincidental. Any resemblance in this work to the tactics of actual persons is anything but coincidental. Enjoy.)


Introductory Note

The public understanding of science, or should I say, misunderstanding of science, has been much harmed by the exploits of a certain nefarious individual. Dr Longman, as he is believed to call himself, has in mercenary fashion, been hiring himself out to every nut and fruit on the planet. His service - the promotion of unbelievable scientific untruths.

This con and master of illusion is a wanted criminal. Sadly Dr Longman is still at large. The purpose of publishing this material is so that you may be on guard against his methods. The following gives an unprecedented insight into the mind of an evil genius. His handiwork is more common than you may think. Be aware and beware.

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