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A greater threat looms over the three houses as they move westward for a better life. Shades of the past return as Ariya senses a connection between Alexandru Drago and his prince, Vlad Tepes III aka Vlad Dracul, as she relives their conspiracy to take the throne of Wallachia using a secret army. At the same time, Jace relives his father's burial in the Highlands of Scotland and muses over living with Ariya in the Aziza fairy realm.

Ariya felt the world slip away like a dusty haze. The droning of the car engine and the low whoosh of the passing cars along the freeway offered an unconventional lullaby rather foreign to her ears. The last image she remembered was Jace’s strong profile as he focused on the road ahead. Yellow shadows poured around his visage, wrapping him in a sheet of shadow, outlining his sharp nose, soft lips and strong chin. His azure eyes stared into the distance despite the focus on the drive. His large yet soft masculine hands gripped the steering wheel.

She fell asleep with a smile on her face, thinking of him. The world suddenly slipped away and another time, another world soon replaced it…

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