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Did such threat become obsolete with Ben Laden’s death?

The answer is NO. While the media presents Ben Laden as the absolute evil and the Americans as heroes, exactly like what happens in movies, yet this isn’t true. The focus on Ben Laden as a person is just an American trend of limiting all struggles to a single person, and that killing this person solves the dilemma and assures national security.

The U.S is currently exaggerating by depending on its military forces rather than political solutions which are the sound way of building up relationships with others. That drove Hentangon, a strategic thinker, to announce that the U.S is heading towards political isolation. He added that what’s really threatening the international peace is the American policy and especially that followed in the Middle East. Americans mutate struggles into a movie and exaggerate it. They have expert politicians who are tools to achieve this. The overuse of military power, especially when Bush was still ruling, is a clear example about the weakness of its external policy. This mentality of referring to military power is strongly present among the Pentagon members who always demand for more financial budget to military forces. They don’t view people according to their culture or religious, but to what they own. Here you have what’s called the “copper belt”, the fuel belt, and “diamond belt” of Africa. One of them even suggested renting Africa as if it were a flat! Once the Americans change the way they deal with others, only then we can say that such threats as 11 September attacks will end.

Was Ben Laden really killed?

First, I would like to point out that what first triggered me to deal with this issue is the time I was watching Al-Jazeera a couple of hours after the media spread the news about Ben Laden’s death as some sources in the White House announced that. Like other viewers, while I was shifting between T.V channels to follow up the news, the ex- Pakistani intelligence leader Hamid Gol appeared on Al-Jazeera and announced what was completely opposite to what all media was claiming about Ben Laden’s death, he personally doubted it and said that all the story was just a lie and that U.S.A didn’t kill Ben Laden. A shocking declaration indeed!

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