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The story opens with a high powered executive gathering together his top ranks of men and women for a “company vacation”


Michael McCloskey

Copyright 2010 Michael McCloskey

Published by Michael McCloskey at Smashwords

ISBN: 978-0615429564

Cover art by Brom

Special thanks to Kazó Csaba and Peter Rathmann

who helped to improve this novel.


The skyscraper entrance flaunted polished marble floors, which shone in gentle arcs below a sparkling waterfall on the left wall. An image of the Earth rotated slowly before the glistening black tiles of the right wall. Front and center stood a massive hardwood reception desk. The ceiling soared three floors above, with two long balconies overlooking the scene, supported by complex lattices of carbon struts. Light flooded in from a single oval skylight fifty meters across, offering an optically perfect sliver of the blue sky.

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