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Love in A day dream

Mr Turner was an eligible bachelor one to never open up his heart he is a man who could have any girl he wanted, all but one that is, one Miss Katherine Jameson, a beautiful middle class lady and this frustrated him to no end.

He didn't understand why? He was a wealthy man with servants, and a very large estate but still she turns him down.

Mr Turner could not stop thinking of  the beautiful Katherine, 

Longing for the scent of her long curly golden hair, 

Her red rose lips and what it would be like just to steal one kiss.

Mr Turner falls into a deep day dream imagining what seems to be the impossible.

He walks over to her puts her against the wall stealing that kiss he longed for,

smelling the scent of her beautiful hair when suddenly she says "I have longed for so long for your love kind sir, my heart is yours and my body is yours for your erection is the key for I to open up to thee"

mr turner starts kissing Katherines neck working his way down to her breasts, pulling her corset lace out to get her undressed. Caressing each others bodies gripping onto his pulsating erection whilst he slides his moist tongue across her hard nipples he uses two fingers to pleasure her feeling all the sweet juices dripping down her thighs Mr Turner turns Katherine around lightly pulling on her hair when suddenly she feels softly slide all the way into her. Thrusting in and out deeply, both moaning and breathing deeply, feeling the breath on each others skin hot and wet, caressing her beautiful curves loving every inch of her whist giving each other the best passionate orgasms of their existence but still they go again and again till they leave no body part unexplored.

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