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The Dark Duet




CJ Roberts



Copyright © 2014 Neurotica Books LLC. CJ Roberts

All rights reserved.


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What is a dream worth?

No one ever reads these things, but I wish they would. These books took years to write and you’ll never know how many hours I spent crafting these sentences until my mind was mush and my fingers literally hurt. I have put life on hold to write these books—time with my kids, my husband, and my friends. I finished Seduced in the Dark on the 4th of July while my family laughed, played, and celebrated without me. I have made sacrifices to teach my children the value of following their dreams, that through hard work and determination it is possible for a person to: 1) Do something they love. 2) Be successful while doing it. Piracy hurts.

If you paid for this book, thank you. Thank you for contributing to my dream and the dreams of my children. Thank you for showing me what I do is valuable to you.

If you didn’t pay for this book, please consider doing so from a reputable seller.

If you’re pirating this book, there isn’t much I can do about it. But I think you’re cruel for taking something from me and giving nothing back.

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