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A Baby Boomer – at any age


Trevi Formea

Copyright 2013 Trevi Formea

ISBN 978-1-30189822-0

Smashwords Edition


This book is dedicated to my beautiful grandchildren. It is an open journal of my ancestry and life as a ‘Baby Boomer’. Baby Boomers were not Kangaroos, but the children born in Australia during the first 15yrs after WW2. May you travel back in time and learn something about your heritage and relive all my childhood memories. When a blackout meant listening to your mum read stories aloud by a torch, or mime Elvis Presley’s latest songs on a trannie whilst playing a tennis racket as a guitar. Or where the creek down the bottom of your hill was your backyard swimming pool. Every day was an adventure waiting to be explored and you were only limited by your imagination.

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