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Rev. Clifford Denton Schutjer

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About the Title of This Collection of Sermons

Tough Hope” is a transparent take-off on the concept of “tough love” that has been so well articulated in the teachings and writings that are a part of the various Twelve-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and others.

Tough hope,” like “tough love,” that must sometimes go beyond warm sentimentality, endearing wishful thinking, and feel-good optimism, is hope that is tough enough to operate in the dark, to endure constant ambiguity, and keep a practical edge to its trust.

It is that tough kind of hope – hope for each of us as individuals, for our shared life, and for our world – that is a common thread through the majority of these sermons.

Clifford D. Schutjer

In Memory of Dr. Carroll Damron

whose loving family made this book possible

Tough Hope

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