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They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

While that’s not precisely true the people working at St. Boniface Hospital that night prayed it never happened again.

Rain poured out of the sky as lightning streaked from cloud to cloud, illuminating the darkness brilliantly. Thunder boomed darkly in an audible retort to the vicious light show.

Nurse Gregg cried in the rain.

It was the middle of November. Everyone who wasn’t able to get the Christmas Holidays off was taking their vacation time now. This left the steady hospital and emergency room dangerously short staffed. Doctors worked doubles back-to-back. Nurses running off their feet for ten, even fourteen days straight. Interns and support staff were frayed at the seams, continually taking the brunt of frustration from patients and medical staff alike.

The lightning started after dinner time but the rain had been pouring down since noon. Big fat heavy drops of rain; the kind that soaked you instantly to the skin. Ponchos and raincoats be damned.

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