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St. Boniface Hospital was already very busy assisting the sick, excessively drunk or nearly crippled patient. As the evening progressed things quickly got out of control.

As the lightning strikes worsened, more than a few traffic lights were down. Reports indicated that one of the power stations had taken a direct strike leaving several sections of the city in complete blackout. Including of course the street lamps around St. Boniface Hospital.

With more than a few car crashes taking place around the city ambulance drivers were in motion non-stop transporting wounded people from accident sites to the E.R.

A standard E.R. is callously forced to place people in a priority system. Severely hurt patients take precedence over someone with the sniffles. However as the night wore on hospital staff were forced to prioritize people in the horrible categories of Bleeding But Manageable and Seconds From Death. Sadly if patients from the first category were left long enough they eventually fell into the second category.

A relatively new member to the St. Boniface staff Nurse Gregg had been shielded from the worst examples of human tragedy. Even with the long shifts and oppressive patient volume Gregg had been very lucky.

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