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Author’s Note:

Many of the anecdotes contained herein first appeared in the weekly newspaper column that I wrote for my hometown daily newspaper in the 1980s. This book is written for the purpose of entertainment and reminiscence. It’s not meant to be an historical record, but it does provide my unique insights into the era and the place in which I grew up. What follows are my memories in capsules—those moments that stand out most for me.

I originally published The Life & Times of a Boomer Baby in 2009 mainly for my family and as a way for my readers to get to know me. When I discontinued it, I didn’t have any plans for updating or re-issuing it. However, I was recently reminded of emails and messages that I had received from readers and how much these stories had meant to them. This version is newly edited and updated with some new material including photos.


I grew up on a family farm in the smallest county in the state of North Carolina in the region known as the Sandhills. For 110 years, four generations of my family lived, worked and died on that same piece of land. It’s a place that now exists only in my memories. My grandmother’s house is gone and the landscape has drastically changed. The red clay road I ran across to get from our house to Grandma’s has been paved over. It’s still named Simpson Road in honor of my grandparents but only my family cemetery remains as evidence that we were there.

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