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Royal King of Loyal Kin

Book of Poetry

By H. Xavier

This is a work of fiction, all characters appearing in this work are ficticious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright by H. Xavier 2013 ©

Published by H. Xavier at Smashwords ©

  1. Prelude To A Heart; Awaketh.

What is this feeling that causes thy heart to excite? Surely must be a feeling derived from the vicinities once resting within it. Glimmering is thy heart so that I cannot sheathe away this great wondrous feeling; feelings depicted in a mirage of beauty and everything the world related to such. Never to contemplate nor regret every time have I seen thou, exquisite manifestation of flesh and blood. If it were not for time that taketh away such admirable sight that is thou presence decorated in awe-inspired beauty. Yet it is never sufficient the times I layeth beside thou, for it is thy love that does not cease to shun thou away, rather it be responsible for thy restless nights under gleaming stars. Remnant thoughts of thou smile, thou enchanting eyes, from where I be cursed submissively under, the sweet aroma protruding from thou desirable physique, a temple of Eden. Wither not be thy love for thou, wither not be thy testament of passion dedicated to thou. And hindered will not be thy heart to yearn for thou that longs for thou presence, as it is thou embodiment that creates a realm of endless lust. Lust that cannot be contained amongst the hearts of men nor of deities, as it is without shame a mighty force to be praised under the cognizant psyche of an aphrodisiac throne attainable through harmony and mere understanding of the universal creation of love. To not love is to not give, it is a death of joy refused to ever live. Plundering via a voyage that exhibits expulsing and pulsing rushes of gasps and swift breaths of life through thy body and soul, I oath to hold thou close to thee against raging storms and cold winters that emit like ether. The avaricious desire to be enamored of thou is the will to go onward with sword in hand and ensue thyself in a war to conquer thou. If to an heir of a throne be non-existent a beautiful queen, such pointless shall it be to thirst for that which compensates a ruling of nations. Such power to give the greatest gift of God will be lost, will be forgotten amidst a road blooming of trepidations and turmoil, provided will not be the rising sun full of youth, provided will not be the descending moon withered of age. Share, care, shall I dare to ail thou heart of suffering and pain, shall I unsheathe thy sword and pierce thy own, for it is thou thy queen, that belongs with thee: The Royal King Of Loyal Kin.

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