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Submitting to the Alpha

By Lola Grey

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Lola Grey

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The treadmill chirped in rapid succession as Daniel ramped up the speed. It was an old habit of his to run a quick two-mile warm-up before hitting the track, but already he could feel the stitch forming in his right side, the way it always did when he wasn’t paying attention and let his form get sloppy. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose and focused on keeping an even gait.

The gym had been empty when Daniel arrived, but now other student athletes were gradually trickling in. He took a bit of inward pride at being the first one there, already working up a sweat while everyone else was still stretching, shaking away the last cobwebs of sleep and grumbling about getting up hours before their first classes. Unlike Daniel, they lacked the kind of dedication it took to run the 400 meter dash in forty-six seconds flat—fastest in the state. And that was the kind of dedication that would lead him to victory against the university’s rival program next week.

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