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What others say about Living in the Now by Gina Lake

"With her latest book, Living in the Now, Gina Lake continues to establish herself as one of the major spiritual teachers of our time. The 99 short chapters are each a powerfully inviting doorway for learning how to recognize the peace and happiness of the Now and how to live in it constantly. Although the convenient, bite-sized wisdom is especially well-suited for busy people who have only spare moments to absorb spiritual instruction, everyone can benefit equally. This is a must read." Dennis Trunk, editor, Third Millennium Gateway

“Gina's book, Living in the Now, clearly delineates the experiences of living from the ego and living from Essence, i.e., from living unconsciously to living an awakened life—down to the smallest details in all areas of life. In the egoic, conditioned reality there is ongoing contraction and suffering, whereas in Essence there is peace, joy, happiness, and calm. Gina thoroughly identifies the rubrics of each manner of existence so that finally the reader irrevocably groks what a no-brainer the choice for Essence really is! Every sentence is a pointer, an awakening.” —Victoria Ritchie, editor of The Power of Now and A New Earth

Having read several of Gina's books, I have to admit to being a big fan of hers and therefore unabashedly biased! Living in the Now contains 99 2-3 page mini-chapters, each one filled with spiritual insights and truths that are truly transformative. Great stuff and another winner!

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