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A Day in the Life of a Busy Woman

Divine Blood: Extra-Curricular

Luke Green

San Antonio, Texas, USA

© 2012 by Luke Green

All rights reserved.

The redheaded woman, Mao Semezou, kneeled at the edge of her room next to a case full of various tools used for engraving and marking surfaces. Currently, there was a chisel in her hand which she was using to carefully cut a line into the concrete of her floor. There was already a fairly wide network of lines across the floor, and the line she had just started was going to be intersecting several of those. The rug that normally covered the inscribed concrete was rolled up and out of the way.

Mao was youthful-seeming. At the moment, dressed for dirty work, someone just glancing would probably have taken her for someone between nineteen and twenty years old. A look in her face, however, would have confused the issue. There was precious little youth in her expression and manner, and an appreciation for simple, peaceful tasks that came with an innate watchfulness that was not acquired without a price paid in tragedy.

Looking up she could see the flows of residual green Chi around her, spiced with touches of other life-forces from things not human, including the threads of blue Mana that came from her children. Some of that was sinking into the already completed circles along the walls and channeling into the incomplete network until it faded away or leaked out.

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