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Chapter 1

I lay, not moving, in a blackberry bush, trying to ignore the thorns poking into my sides. My heart pounds heavily in my chest as the strange fleshy bipedal draws closer to my hiding spot. As it closes in I feel a mixture of panic and exhilaration- a human. Here! As this thought goes through my head I feel something inside me stir, as if the human’s presence had awoken something deep in my soul. It’s so near now I can hear it’s labored breathing, blocking out all of the other forest noises. I normally would wonder why it’s panting so hard, but for now I’m too terrified to think clearly.

Suddenly something in a nearby tree moves, startling the human. It glances around nervously, before sprinting off, into the thick foliage. I realise the breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding.

Next to me I hear something move, I nearly jump out of my scales, but then remember Terrla had hidden next to me. The beautiful green dragoness looks at me, with a crazy grin, “A human!” She says excitedly, “We just saw a real flesh and blood human!”

I feel a grin start to creep onto my face as well, the crippling fear I had felt, only moments before fading. As long as I can remember Terrla and I had been told stories of Hybrids -creatures that are half dragon and half a strange being called a human- and as long as I can remember I had wished to one day meet one. I guess today was my lucky day. I knew the human had to be a Hybrid, humans didn’t live in our world, the only way for a human to possibly cross over from their strange homeland- a place called Earth- they had to be a Hybrid.

After we’re sure the human is gone for good we climb out of the thorn bush, I search myself for thorns, gladly my thick dragon scales have stopped any from sticking in. “A real human.” I say my smile growing even larger, “not ten feet away, and we’re alive!”

“No one’s going to believe us.” Terrla laughs, before throwing her wings around me in a massive hug. I feel the blood rush to my face, I hope to all the gods my crimson scales hide the blush. She pulls away after a few moments, still laughing and thankfully oblivious to my embarrassment.

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