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The Spy's Panties

A short story by C.E. Wills, 2013

Copyright 2013 by C.E. Wills

Published on Smashwords by C.E. Wills 2013

This ebook contains adult situations and language. All characters are eighteen years of age or older. All characters are fictional and any similarities to real people are coincidental.

This ebook is licensed for your enjoyment. It may not be resold. If you enjoy it, please return to Smashwords and try another book by this author.

Chapter 1

I live in a remote area of Georgia and it is a mountainous region. I work evening shift and drive home at two A.M. or later. The roads are dangerous, not just for the dangers of cliffs, rockslides, ice, snow, fallen trees and the like, but also for the people who inhabit the region. There are those who have tried to block the road or to force people to pull over for them. They might set a trap for the unwary. Someone, usually a woman, will play as the bait, feigning car trouble. When the unwary pilgrim happens along and stops to help the damsel in distress, they are robbed.

Women have disappeared and never been seen again. The thick forests are not kind to strangers. The casual hiker may stumble upon Meth Labs, set up under the side of a boulder. Or, he may wander into a remote patch of ground where marijuana is the cash crop. If the owner is around, one might find himself facing a gun-toting felon. Merely leaving is not an option, usually. One guy I know was allowed to leave an area but was told bluntly that he had been seen and recognized and if they had a visit from the authorities it would be assumed that he had squealed. Punishment for such an offense would be dire.

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