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Into the Black


Sean Ellis is an author to watch closely. Into the Black is one of the top ten thrillers of the year! An adventure story that will stay with you long after the read is finished. You can count this reader as a huge fan of Nick Kismet!” – David L. Golemon, New York Times bestselling author of EVENT, LEGEND, ANCIENTS, LEVIATHAN, PRIMEVAL, and in 2011, LEGACY!

"INTO THE BLACK is a rollicking adventure that races through your hands like a hydrofoil flying across the sea. Filled with masterful action scenes and a great new hero in Nick Kismet – a lucky soul who knows only one way to live: full speed ahead – Sean Ellis has mixed a perfect cocktail of adventure and intrigue and this one is definitely shaken and not stirred."—Graham Brown, author of the thrillers BLACK RAIN and BLACK SUN.

Sean Ellis is a thriller reader’s dream come true.” – Jeremy Robinson, author of PULSE and INSTINCT

Sean Ellis brings another high-energy adventure to his fascinating action-hero, Nick Kismet. INTO THE BLACK offers a brilliant blend of science and mythology to each heart-pounding twist and turn that every thrill-seeker craves." – Theresa Danley, author of EFFIGY.

Sean Ellis is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Between his high-flying adventures of Dodge Dalton or the relic hunting exploits of Nick Kismet, Ellis is just plain fun to read. This up-and-comer is someone everyone needs to watch out for!” – J. Kent Holloway, author of PRIMAL THIRST and SIRENS’ SONG.

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