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Moan Lisa

Published by Mermaid Press at Smashwords

Public Domain

Incision, pain; cut open and bleeding from the insides;

in a small sample, there will be a chorus of intensely prolonged

insomnia; scattered in my nerves; and as my wish divides,

and open heart; the cavity of truth coincides with the aesthetic

Silence of your thrashing muscles; laid out on the operating table

Dressed in silk; dressed for the kill, instead it's closing time;

and the board goes uninterrupted as the doctors stitch up your skin,

The lesson learned, is a lesson unbecoming of your institutional

array of learning; you take the wrong pieces of information in,

and form your own opinion; your own pattern, as it were;

The unknown origin of time; and the thirst for its exchange,

driving chaos of the mind; let loose the frozen corridors'

containers; and let the blood reconcile with its sins;

As fortunes gaze; you've come to the bottom of this place.

We left you bleeding; we left you in the mire, below the

trees; next to the fire, and if it were my decision to

make, you would be left forever; bathing in your blood

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