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Passion & Peril on the Silk Road

A Thriller in Pakistan & China

by Susan Barrett Price

The international antiquities trade pulls you into its heart of darkness. Jackson and Nellie, once husband and wife, now clash over the best road back from heartbreak and injustice. That road takes them from Manhattan to the far reaches of western China and tribal Pakistan.

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What Readers Are Saying:

“I was captivated from start to finish...” (MJR, Florida)


“...The plot moves swiftly forward through vivid, descriptive, precise prose. The characters are complex, and the twists and turns which determine their destiny keep you riveted from beginning to end. (NS, New York)


“One of those everybody-leave-me-alone-and-just-let-me-read books... This plot is fresh, timely and thought-provoking on many levels: cultural differences, marriage-as-it-matures, family trust & obligation issues, soul-searching passions (for people, things or prestige?), and, of course, the intrigue of the art world underworld. After finishing the book I still think about the characters.” (LAP, Virginia)


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