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Traditional business concept generally involves the buying and selling of products and services which offered to ultimate customers. This concepts is not suitable due to changes, fluctuations, innovations, inventions of new market, new customers, new product and services, we can be redefining of the business concepts. Business managers are well equipped with e technology to sell their companies products and services. They need the self awareness of the work and self confidence to manage, admin, control and monitor the sales proceeds in a several regions and several business segments.

New dimensions of business concept will be looking into e technology in business through the net work marketing, without products and services and enterprise advertise to business with just website and get orders from across the world. An order would be executed on the basis of demand and supply and ultimately shipping to customers. Sales manager would not see the customer in spite of a manager get orders through internet marketing tools. We believed that only buying and selling of goods and services meanwhile in real scenario, it is totally change compare to old business concepts. New business concepts are the output of innovations of communication tools like as internet facilities. E commerce and e- innovation result helpful to world economic forum that ready to contribution to business and industry.

Globalization, liberalization and privatization are the major tools to business growth, development, survival of the major multinational companies. Multinational companies produce the goods and services in an economy of scale of orders in this way to take competitive advantage; it is also one of the business strategies to enhance to business activities.

Economic treaties will be added advantages to business cooperation from one country to another country. Treaties are development of business along with the good relationship with countries. It is also bring the new outlook to business activities in this way to achieve the short term goals of business like as profit maximization and long term goals like as wealth maximization.

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